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About Me

Hello, I’m Anya! My passions are designing and building beautiful websites, products and experiences that help others and truly make a difference. I have recently graduated from the University of Winchester with a First Class degree in BSc Digital Media Development *throws graduation cap in the air* and I am looking for job opportunities within the creative digital industry.

I fell in love with design when I realised I could take a passion of mine and use it to solve everyday problems for real people. My abilities to collaborate with other designers, developers, researchers and managers in multidisciplinary teams, ensuring my designs follow good User Experience practises, being adaptable in this ever changing industry, and constantly looking for way to improve myself as a designer, are key elements of my workflow that allow me to create solutions that meet the needs of my users. Above all else, being optimistic and enthusiastic about what I do, even when things don’t necessarily go right, keep me determined to achieve solutions.

I am born and bread in the beautiful Chiltern Hills in Buckinghamshire (think rolling hills and cottages!); however, during my spare time, I will take any chance to travel. A trip with me will always includes some kind of cultural excursion, trekking, watersports, and if it’s cold enough, skiing! There is no better feeling than reaching the top of that mountain or bottom of that cave. So far I’ve had the opportunity to visit 23 countries, including Uganda, Australia, and most recently Thailand; however, the travel bug doesn’t stop there - there’s still 172 countries left to explore! If you have any travel recommendations, be sure to drop me an email.

Interested to learn more?
See some of my work, follow me or contact me using ajessopdesign@gmail.com

October 2018


Design Thinking: The Key to Successful Innovation Within the Digital Media Industry?

April 2018

My dissertation discusses the user-centered design methodology, Design Thinking, and the effect the practise of the framework can have on the innovation a company is able to achieve. I recieved a first (A grade) for this assignment.

What is Ethical Design?

October 2017

It's very easy for agencies and designers to call themselves "ethical", but to my previous workplace, Studio Republic, it meant working hard to design great products for good people. The blog post I wrote covers other examples of ethical design to show why, for Studio Republic, it is important to not only have good intentions but also to back this up with great quality work.

Read my full blog post here.