Natural Boost

the brief

The brief was to create a brand for a new ethical brand selling natural milk pills with the plan to expand the business and sell teas, creating a wider brand. Consequently the brand created needed to encompass a wide range of products that were all centered around homeopathy and natural health supplements.

The brief asked us to think of brand names, research other companies, and to consider colours and logos. While considering brand names, we also had to consider domain names, specifically those whose domain as available in either or .com, or preferably both.


I initially used Pinterest to research other ethical brands. I found they all used a similar colour palette of greens, blues and terracotas because they can be argued as ‘natural’ colours. I also notes many logos used a rounded design and used rounded corners rather than harsh corners.

My research also involved brainstorming brand names. This involved searching other ethical brands and taking inspiration from them. Some options were ‘The Thoughful Brand’, ‘A Natural Boost’ and ‘The Pure Company’. These name did not restrict the client to one product and would allow them to expand their business further without the need to change their branding. These ideas were sent to the client who chose ‘Natural Boost’ or ‘A Natural Boost’ as their new brand name.

initial sketches

Using the new brand name and inspiration taken from my research, I created initial sketches. I played on the use of hands and tried to use rounded corners which was a design element I picked up on during my research. I then gained feedback from others designers and narrowed down my designs to six.


I then created digitalised versions of my sketches using Illustrator. I took photos of my sketches and used the pen tool when creating the paths of my designs.

This biggest challenge of the project was using Illustrator. Before the project I had only used Illustrator on one project before and I was not confident using the software; however, after even more practise, and although I was challenged, I feel more confident using Illustrator and I am currently improving my skills further in my own time. et

Final outcome and evaluation

Unfortunately I was not able see the project through further iterations of designs because I finished my placement at Studio Republic before I received further feedback; however, the experience taught me a great deal about Branding. It was a new experience creating a brand completely from scratch and I wish I was able to have seen the project further.